SmartArrayer 136

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SmartArrayer 136

CapitalBio SmartArrayer 136 is designed for large-scale microarray printing of up to 136 slides or up to 17 96-well plates.

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SmartArrayer 136

CapitalBio SmartArrayer 136 is designed for large-scale microarray printing of up to 136 slides or up to 17 96-well plates. The SmartArrayer 136 is equipped with dual systems of contact printing and non-contact dispensing. The multi-purpose microarray spotter prints liquid samples on various substrates, such as glass, silicon, microplates or membranes, with high precision, maximum flexibility.

Key Features:

  • Dual printing: Exchangeable contact spotting module and non-contact Microdispense™ module. 
  • Substrate versatility: Standard decks applicable to glass slides, silicon substrates and microplates 
  • Higher capacity for slide loading (up to 136) or plate loading (up to 17) in a single round to meet the needs of large-scale microarray production. 
  • High speed: Precise X, Y spotting motion up to 300 mm/sec velocity and 3,000 mm/sec² acceleration when 32 pins are fitted. 
  • Highly efficient cleaning: Selectable combinations of sonication, active washing and vacuum drying. 
  • Pneumatic Non-contact Microdispense™ technology: Ensures no direct contact with slide substrates for less contamination and higher sample utilization rates. 
  • Application flexibility: Microdispense™ volumes adjustable from 10nl to 50µl. 
  • User-friendly software: Flexible array design tools and representative graphical previews of slides/plates/arrays/samples. 
  • Controlled printing environment: HEPA filter, humidity control.

Company Info:

Headquartered in Beijing, China, CapitalBio is a leading life science Company that develops and commercializes total health-care solutions including a broad range of innovative biochip-related products for genomic, proteomic and cellomic research, bio-safety testing, clinical applications and to address wider human health needs. CapitalBio warmly encourages discussion of new business, marketing and production opportunities, etc. Both through innovation and a commitment to rapid product development, 

CapitalBio is seeking to reduce the cost of products, to benefit our customers.

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Contact spotting

Non-contact dispensing


136 slides /16 96-well plates

136 slides /17 96-well plates

Positioning Repeatability

±3 μm

Positioning resolution

1.2 μm (X and Y axis); 0.6 μm (Z axis)

No. of pins

4 (8, 16, 32,48 optional)

1 (2, 4 optional)

Single round completion time(including pinhead wash)

<140 s

<160 s

Minimum sample delivery volume*

0.5 nl

10 nl

Minimum sample loading volume*

0.25 μl

3 μl

Spot diameter

≥62.5 μm

~400 μm


AC 110 V/AC 220 V

AC 110 V/AC 220 V


1,500 Watts

1,500+400 Watts


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