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Biotools B&M Labs S.A.

Biotools provides manufacturing services for third parties, from small volumes for research to large volumes required for testing or marketing. We offer services from concept design to logistics and marketing with traditional technologies or our own know-how and proprietary technologies, such as gelification technology>>.

In Biotools, with an experience of almost two decades in the manufacture and marketing of molecular biology, we continue to invest and expand our infrastructure and capabilities in our certified facilities.


Addressed to:

  • Companies that are interested in adding value to their products by using our own patented technologies.
  • Companies, hospitals, research centres which are developing products in an experimental phase and want to scale to a commercial format.
  • Researchers who want to add value to their experimental development to facilitate its subsequent product license or access to market.
  • Companies that do not have manufacturing capacity or want to outsource this service to focus their activities on their core business.

Learn more about the quality certifications that we have>>

  • We provide services from design to marketing CMO Services
CMO services
      • Benefits of the manufacturing service CMO servicesCMO Services
    • Flexibility and escalation
    • Savings in costs and investments
    • Quick access to market
    • Access to experience and expertise
    • Risk reduction
    • Adding value to products

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