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Biotools B&M Labs S.A.

In Biotools we are aware that every client has different needs, so we offer a completely personalised service for product development. Contact us to obtain further information about our customisation service.

customization of products
¿Can't find the product that suits your needs?

Biotools offers its clients a personalised customisation service of the existing reagents and kits in their product pipeline. We can customise the products in both traditional liquid format or using our own proprietary gelification technology, which offers better stability, ease of use and cost savings.

With the gelification technology we offer a fully customised ready-to-use format that includes all necessary components in the reaction itself. With that, it will only be necessary to add the sample. (view more >>)

Get in touch to tell us about requirements. You will be able to modify both the composition and the packaging:

  • Reagents
  • Components
  • Concentrations
  • Bufferes
  • Batch size
  • Packaging
  • Labelling
  • Format of consumables

To learn about customisation, please send an email to 

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