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Biotools B&M Labs S.A.

Biotools's mission is the development of innovative solutions for molecular biology, with application in research, pathogen detection, agro-alimentary control and environmental control.

mission and strategy

Currently we are specialised in the following areas:

  • Development of new thermostable enzymes for nucleic acid amplification.
  • CMO and OEM services and customisation of products specific for PCR technology.
  • Development of kits for pathogen detection.

In Biotools we understand that to meet our customers' expectations it is necessary to provide high quality products, efficient technical service and quick response at competitive prices.

Our personalised customer service helps our customers find solutions to meet their expectations. That is why one of the most important challenges in Biotools is the innovative development and continuous improvement of manufacturing processes.

Our manufacturing process of thermostable enzymes can reduce production time to one third of the usual processes, thus significantly reducing our costs, allowing us to reach the market with very competitive prices.

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