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Biotools has extended its facilities up to 720m2of which 300m2be dedicated to the I+D Laboratory. The new laboratory is focused on the genomic and proteomic analysis by means of the use of microarrays for the later product development, turning the company as a research reference in Spain.

The laboratory has unique equipment (able to alter the impression by contact with nanoinyection), and it is provided with high precision devices and advanced technology allowing a high specialization for genomic research and development. In addition, it relies on a complete automated system for the recombinant DNA manipulation, which allows the creation of gene pools.

Installations and Quality


State of the art facilities 720 m2in the suburbs of Madrid (Spain)

  • 80 m2clean-room class GMP-B for PCR diagnostics kit & reagents manufacturing
  • 60 m2clean-room class GMP-C for PCR diagnostics kit development
  • 60 m2clean-room class GMP-B for microrrays manufacturing & development


Quality Certifications

Biotools supports its customers with high quality products, services and information. Biotools first certified to international standards for quality management systems in 2002, and its commitment continues with our current ISO 9001:2015 certification, required for research, development and manufacture of products obtained by biotechnology and Diagnostic Kits.

The ISO series of quality management system standards are developed and maintained by the International Organization for Standardization. An organization achieving ISO certification has demonstrated to a third party body of experts that the organization meets all requirements of the standard. This certification assures our global customers that Biotools has established reliable and effective processes for product development, manufacturing, distribution and customer support in its quality management system. With this certification, Biotools establishes our commitment to our customers, to our business, and to all those who rely on and benefit from the use of our products.

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