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Biotools B&M Labs S.A.

Biotools B&M Labs, S.A. is a Spanish biotechnology company with a global presence, created with the mission of combining scientific excellence with the development of quality solutions for its customers in the Life Sciences, Biomedical and Biotechnology sectors.

Since its foundation in 1996, Biotools has been one of the leading and most successful companies in developing Molecular Biology reagents and kits for detecting pathogens.

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With a clear international vocation, Biotools currently markets its products in over 20 countries through distribution agreements or direct sales. Our expertise in PCR technology for more than 18 years is reflected in the various proprietary technologies, aiming always to provide customers with products and improved processes.

Biotools is responsible for most aspects related to product development, from the initial market-focused research to the development and manufacture of our products. This way, we guarantee the highest quality standards..

In order to achieve our aim of providing the best customer support, Biotools has based its activities on the following philosophy:

  • We work closely with our customers to understand their needs and provide appropriate, cost competitive and high quality products.
  • We establish partnerships and close relationships with academic and research institutions, as well as with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. These partnerships promote the development of products and solutions according to market expectations.
  • Our main objective is to become one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality and cost competitive biotechnology, including molecular biology products, medical diagnostic kits for infectious bacterial and viral diseases, environmental controls, etc., thus providing complete solutions to our customers.

Biotools focuses its efforts on combining the expertise and experience of its human team and its own resources, with the collaboration of some of the main hospitals, universities and research centres in Europe, for the development of complete and integral solutions for the diagnostic area.

Biotools collaborates with the following organisations:


Biotools has an excellent reputation for quality, performance and service These qualities have established Biotools' credibility among its numerous customers and distributors.

Participation in international projects

  • Project IBEROEKA (1999) iberoeka

    Genetic Markers Diagnostic Kits.

  • Project IBEROEKA (2003) iberoeka

    Molecular developing medical diagnostic kits stabilized by Gelification, easy to handle and ready for use, for nucleic acid amplification and real time detection microplate.

  • European Project CRAFT (2004) cordis

    Mycoplex. Food toxins.

  • Project CARE MAN (2006) care man

    Development of new bioreceptors. 

  • Project LABONFOIL (2007) labonfoil

    Development of an ultra-low-cost Lab-on-a-chip microsystem. 

  • Project CHINEKA (2007) chineka

    Development of DNA-arrays, protein-arrays and Diagnostic Kits in genotyping applications, clinical diagnosis, pharmacogenomics and the food control.

  • Project CANADEKA (2009) canadeka

    Development of diagnostic kits for Tuberculosis and MRSA.

  • Project IBEROEKA (2009) iberoeka

    Developing a confirmatory diagnostic system for real-time PCR for Human Influenza (A / H1N1).

On our website you will be able to find all the information on our products and technologies, as well as news related to trade shows, seminars and workshops where Biotools takes part directly or through its partners.

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